Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trip to centennial farm in Costa Mesa

I took Brooklind to the centennial farm before in Costa Mesa at the fairgrounds. Its totally cool because it is open to the public and FREE! They have tons of different farm animals. The last time I was there with Brooklind she was not even a year old. This time she enjoyed it so much more.
We had our first family outing together going to the farm. Baylee slept the entire time of course. The had two huge oxen, goats, sheep, chickens, cows and calves, and pigs with there pig babies. There was one mommy pig who had just had her babies on September 25 so it was so fun to see the new babies.

Baylee is 1 week 3 days old

A week sure goes by fast. I can't believe Baylee is here and I am not pregnant anymore. We took her to her first appointment and she only lost a few ounces since she was born. So she was 7lbs 13oz and 20in long. She didn't get jaundce like Brooklind had, so that was a relief. She is doing well with feedings (only formula this time). Shes pooping and peeing good as well, maybe too much :)
Sleeping a lot during the day and probably getting up every 2-3hours during the night. Having a little sleep deprivation, but not too bad.
She is doing well adjusting to being outside the womb. It is just amazing how different each kid is. Her clothes are still swimming on here, which makes no sense because shes 8lbs and a good length. Shes wearing newborn size right now. Even 0-3 month stuff is too big still. She is in newborn size diapers still, but it doesn't look like that will last much longer.

 Baylee had her first bath lastnight (Wed. Oct 3) - she was fine with it when we started, but toward the end she was not liking it too much. Brooklind found it to be quite interesting and fun to watch though. We were glad to finally get to give her a bath because the rest of her umbilical cord fell off.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baylee's Arrival and birth story

Sunday night (Sept 23) around 11:30pm I thought that my water had broken and I had a few random contractions, but nothing consistent. I called labor and delivery and told them I thought my water had broken and that at my last appointment I was already dilated and effaced. They told me if I was at least dilated to a 4 or 5cm when I came in and my water had not broken they were going to admit me. So Stephen and I took showers and packed our bags and left for Kaiser Irvine hospital.
We arrived at the hospital around 1:30am Monday morning. We obviously didn't rush to get there because we wanted showers because if I was admitted we knew we wouldn't get showers for a day or two. 
 (this picture is me in the labor and delivery observation room)
 They checked to see if my water broke with this metal device thing. AND IT HURT more than a PAP smear! They determined that my water had not broken. But the good news was that I was dilated a 5cm and 75% effaced and the baby was at 0 station now. Also once they started monitoring me and the baby I was actually having strong contractions every 5-7 minutes. Which was good because I was showing progress even though my water was not broken. I GOT TO STAY!!! They admitted me and I was sent to my regular labor and delivery room..............

At around 3am they got me hooked up to all the fun stuff, the IV (which I ALWAYS hate)! The midwife came in and broke my water. She had a hard time breaking it. She said it was a strong bag. It took her about 3 times with they device to pop it. It was very strange because after she broke it we thought my contractions would get stronger and closer together. It was the opposite they slowed down and almost stopped.
They started me than on the pitocin to get them going again. After about an hour on the pitocin I wanted my epidural!!
Got my epidural and at this point I was feeling so much pressure already within a half hour of being on it. My labor moved so fast at this point and I was already telling the nurses that I was feeling tons of pressure with the contractions. They didn't believe me, but than when the checked me I was already dilated 10cm and fully effaced and the baby was in the right station. The nurse went and asked the midwife if it was okay to start pushing. OHH YA a cool tidbit, it was the same midwife that delivered Brooklind two years ago. I was so excited because she knew my history with the bleeding/clotting like what had happened with Brooklind's delivery.
So at 10am Monday morning I started to push. I pushed for an hour and Baylee was born at 11:02am.

 Baylee Emma Erwin
Born Monday September 24, 2012 @11:02am
8lbs 4oz 19 inches
 After Baylee was born the midwife was delivering the placenta and found that there were fragments of it left inside my uterus and I kept bleeding. She called in an doctor (MD) and they brought in an ultrasound machine to see inside. They just couldn't get it all so they rushed me to the operating room (OR) to do a D&C procedure to clean everything out and to also stitch up what tore during delivery.

I was scared to death because I had never been in the OR before and I only got to see Baylee for about 5 minutes and no one could come with me in there. The anesthesiologist gave me a huge dose into my epidural of my numbing meds before I went into the OR. I was in there for about an hour and a half. I got claustrophobic when they stuck the stupid oxygen thing on me so I had them take it off. Then I got nauseous so they gave me more meds in my IV for that as well. I was so drugged up and the doctors and nurses were laughing and smiling because I would make funny and random comments. The procedure all went well and I got to meet Stephen and Baylee in recovery.
 (Pic in recovery right after the OR)
I am finally getting to hold me baby after about 2 hours. I was in recovery before going to postpartum about 2 hours. They had to do blood work to check my blood count because they were worried I might have to have a blood transfusion. Thankfully I didn't and I was okay. They gave me more hardcore pain killers in recovery so when I got to postpartum I was still drugged up.
Finally I got to go to my postpartum room....

PA (grandpa) with his grand girls. 
 Brooklind meeting her sister for the first time. Brooklind didn't like the hospital so much. She was also a little freaked out of me because maybe I was so drugged up.
 Our first picture as a family
 Me and my girls
Baylee with her eyes open. She has blue eyes (Brooklind had brown)

I recovered well in postpartum and was given 2 different antibiotics in my IV every 4 hours, pain killers, med to control the bleeding, and maybe some other stuff that I might be forgetting. I usually can't sleep in hospitals, but I was so wiped out from all the drugs and from the delivery that I actually slept. Well as much as I could with the thousands of interruptions from the nurses.

All my bloodwork came back normal the next morning (Tuesday) and I had had a temperature, but that went back to normal as well. They let me go home at 2pm. I couldn't wait to go home and take a shower and get in my own bed. It was a crazy day and a little traumatic. I am not sure I ever want to go through that again. I am very grateful Baylee is healthy and strong!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diaper baby shower

My friends from church threw me what they call a diaper shower. Basically its similar to a regular baby shower, just you more so get diapers and wipes. Since it was my second girl because we already have all the girl stuff. My mom was able to be there and a few other family and mostly friends. It was so much fun and I am surprised I made it to the shower because I thought I was going to go into labor sooner. I went into labor 3 days later........

I did get a few cute outfits for Baylee. And Brooklind got a few little things too.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 36 Prego update

36 weeks

I am currently 36 weeks and am done!! This 90-100 degree weather this past week was horrible and I hope it doesn't start getting really hot again. Its killing me!
I went to the doctor on Thursday (13th) and my doctor did a pelvic exam and found that I was 3cm dilated, 75% effaced, and the babys head was already down in -1 position/station. NO wonder why my bladder was hurting so bad and that it feels like the baby is just going to fall out. Its amazing how it can just stay in there when its so low.Basically the doctor said it can happen at any day now and of course I still don't have a hospital bag packed.
Every once in awhile I will get a really bad contraction, but for the most part nothing consistent enough to go to the hospital. My friends of mine are throwing a diaper shower for me this week so I just want to make it to that and than start walking ALOT or something so I can go into labor. I will keep posting updates! Hopefully this baby wants to come soon!!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

35 weeks!!! Almost there!!!

I am 35 weeks today (Saturday). Almost there!!
I have reached the "I'm DONE" stage and I am so uncomfortable. Last Sunday I thought I was going to have this baby. I started having really bad contractions that were so painful and really hard to time them apart. They seems like they were back to back. They started while in Sunday School (2nd hour at church which was like 2:30pm) and kept going and probably didnt stop until we had been home for awhile (approx 5ish).
My doctor wondered why I waited that long, but I knew that they would probably just send me home. So I drank and bunch of water and just laid down and they did stop.
I had talked to my doctor yesterday (Friday) and she thinks I will go before my due date which is what we all kind of figured, but there is no guarantee. She said I've reached the point where if I do go into full blown labor they won't stop it. As you can see I am carrying very low and pointy and sometimes it just feels like the baby is going to fall out. All my maternity clothes aren't fitting good under my belly because I am so low.
I am still not sleeping too great. Peeing so much, especially at night, acid reflux is still there, and loving my ice chips!!!!!
My next appointment is this Thursday the 13th so I will have another post probably. Thanks to everyone for all the words of encouragement through the end of this pregnancy. It really helps because I tend to get a little on the depressed side at this point.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer continued

I had made a bowl of chocolate pudding and it was chilling in the fridge. I wanted to eat it when it was cold. I had to go upstairs to do something and heard from wrestling around in the kitchen. ....
 I guess Brooklind couldn't wait for it to chill and wanted to eat the pudding right away. It was such a mess (all over the fridge, the drawers where her spoons are, the tile flooring and on Brooklind of course). She looks like a zombie with blood all over her.

We went to Mile Square Park because we had some leftover bread. There were soooo many ducks and geese. The geese are so mean they were about ready to bite off Brooklind's fingers a few times. She loved it!!!

Brooklind got a new dress and always has to pose for a picture when she gets something new. She looked so cute in it. 

The rest of this summer we have just being playing in the pool and hanging out. I am not much fun right now because I can't walk long distances and I can't run after Brooklind so its hard for us to get out. Plus we still just have the 1 car so that makes it difficult.